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            Bordered crude drug


            ISOCommon Name:Chlorbenzuron
            Chinese anme:Bordered
            Other names:No. one of Su urea,
            Chemical Names:1-o-chlorobenzoyl-3-(4-chlorphenyl)urea
            Structure Formula:
            Molecular formula:C14H10O2N2CL2
            Molecular weight:309.28
            Appearance:gray crystal
            melting point℃:≥185
            Biological activity: chlordimeform
            The purity is white crystal and,melting point199-201℃
            It is water insoluble as well as alcohol and chloride benzene and The solubulity in acetone is 1g/100 milliliter(26℃),It is soluble in dimethylsulfoxide and N-N-dimethylformamide and so on.
            Stability:It is stable in light and heat,In neutral environment or acidity environment, it is stable and under alkali or strong acid, it will dissolve.
            It is non-poisonous pesticides,the amount of large ratsLD50>20000mg/kg .
            It is low toxicity and it has certain toxicity for shell insects.
            Use:It has special effect to the pesticides and mianly with stomach poison and it can prevent the formation of chitin,to prevent the normal casting off a skin of the insects and it can be used for the prevention of leaf roller and other pests.
            Package:25kg plastic wovening bagPackage or packed according to the requirements of the customers.
            Quality index:



            Bordered content,%(m/m)       ≥


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